SrilanCare is contributing to the development of the lives of vulnerable children, young women and families in Sri Lanka since 2006. We started our work with hygiene related projects in the southern area that was severely affected by the Tsunami in 2004. In 2008, we moved to Anuradhapura, a city in the North Central Province, to start working with several children’s homes.

Since 2015 we are maintaining and developing a safe home for girls who have been abused, experienced domestic violence or have been abandoned by their parents. We have built more than 100 toilets for deprived families in the rural areas around Anuradhapura as well.

Annual Reports

Local Partner

SrilanCare works in close cooperation with its local partner Institute of Rural Social Development (IRSD).

IRSD is a non-governmental organisation that works in Sri Lanka since 2006, supporting socio-economically marginalised and minority communities and victimised people. IRSD has implemented projects for UNICEF, Save the Children and the Sri Lankan government, specifically related to child rights and community development.

Staff & Board

Our Sri Lankan staff consists of 4 caretakers, 5 part time teachers, a project manager and a counsellor. They are working together with IRSD’s office staff and our Dutch representatives and volunteers.

Dutch board:

Chairperson: Saman Vinke

Secretary: Trudy Lamers

Treasurer: Joost Thus

Board member: Guido van Ingen

Vision & Mission

SrilanCare works on strengthening self-reliance through making people aware of their talents, encouraging them to develop their competences and use these for themselves and the people around them.

SrilanCare improves the lives of vulnerable families and children. We help them to develop their skills on an educational, professional, practical and an emotional level. We guide them in discovering and using their potential.


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