Women and Girls

Women have a vulnerable position in Sri Lanka, especially in the rural areas. There is a serious inequality between men and women within families and communities. There is a high prevalence of domestic violence on women and girls.

It is essential to develop the knowledge and skills of girls and young women. So they will be able to maintain themselves and there will be a transition in the unbalanced male-female relationships that are being passed on from generation to generation.


Anuradhapura region is known for many villages where people suffer from social issue and problems related to lack of livelihood.

Children are the main victims of these issues as they are getting raised in an unsafe environment with the absence of opportunities to develop themselves. Most problems are not necessarily related to a lack of income, but rather to a lack of self-confidence or limited abilities to find alternative solutions to life-issues.


SrilanCare and IRSD primarily focus on the empowerment of underprivileged young girls and women living in Anuradhapura. Our programmes provide them access to skill development training and life skill programmes, to prevent them from further marginalisation due to economic disempowerment.