Child Care Center

We provide shelter for 30 to 40 girls – aged 5 to 18 – who are survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse and abandonment by their parents. SrilanCare and IRSD provide a safe place for these girls to stay, recover and prepare themselves for their future lives. We take care of them until they go back home because their home situation has improved or they reach their maturity. In cooperation with local specialists we have developed different programmes related to improving knowledge, creative and cultural development, self-awareness, practical skills, social capabilities and self-esteem.

The presence of a counsellor who supports the girls to overcome their personal challenges and grief from their past experiences has made significant improvements among girls in expressing their emotions and ability to deal with their past. Art and culture programmes with drawing, dancing, singing and wall paintings have not only given space to explore their creativity, but heal their emotional wounds from the past. Renovations to the internal and external environment has transformed the center in to a child friendly, safe, inspiring atmosphere to girls that has motivated them to be free.

Empowerment Centre

In 2019, we are going to realise a Girls and Women Empowerment Centre.

This centre will accommodate vocational training facilities, life-skills training, counselling and cultural programmes to provide fruitful future perspectives for girls who are taken care of in girls’ homes in Anuradhapura and girls and young women who are living in underprivileged situations. This centre will accommodate facilities to give 60 women and girls on a yearly basis the opportunity to enrich themselves with sufficient basic skills to be able to lead a proper and independent life.

Toilet facilities

Proper hygiene is essential in life and having a good toilet and washing facilities plays a major role in this.

Many people living in remote areas do not have access to these; therefore, they use a provisionally homemade toilet or simply go to the jungle. According to a step-by-step plan, over 100 families have been provided with proper toilet facilities during the last 10 years. This step-by-step plan means that people make as much contribution as possible – in resources or labour.